Adam Bushnell Class 2 Spring 2018

On Thursday 11th January, we were excited to come to school knowing we would be visited by our friend ‘Adam Bushnell’. He is a fantastic author who gets us exciting about our own writing. We started the day with an assembly where Adam told us one of his amazing stories. As always, we acted out the story for him. This story starred a King and his Princess, but unfortunately the princess was kidnapped by a horrific monster. Luckily for the princess, there was a band of superheroes waiting to save. They were powerful. Some were super quick, had bionic hearing, invisibility, a perfect eye to shoot and last but not least a voice that could awaken the dead. They got together and hatched a plan that would return the princess to the king but the monster was too clever for them. Once they got the princess back he stole her again. The next plan was disastrous. The perfect shot of the superhero not only killed the monster but the princess too. The superheroes didn’t have a clue what to do. Until the beautiful singing voice escaped the final superhero, the princess awoke and returned safely to her father. However, the powerful voice awoke the monster who was hatching another plan to get his revenge. What will happen next? We will have to wait until Adam’s return.

We were all so excited for Adam to come to our class today. He came to help us with our new topic of ‘Bright Lights, Big City’ and he taught us all about the traditional days of our capital city – London. We learnt all about the development of the English flag and how it came to be as it was today. This brought us to Knights. We were all given the chance to become one. King Houghton presented his sword over both our soldiers as we were declared ‘Lady’ and ‘Sir’. To honour our new title, we created our very own coat of armour where we were able to picture all of our favourite things. We chose 3 main colours to symbolise our character as a knight. This colours represented different things. Blue meant friendship and pink meant love. We learnt all about this symbolism. From this, we were able to choose our favourite animal which showed what type of knight we would be. We pictured this on our shield. Before we knew it, we had written a story. It was amazing to see how easily we could do this.

A child said, “Make sure you write a welcome sign for Adam.” Another commented, “We need to bow to the king if we are going to be knighted.”