Adam Bushnell Class 2 Autumn 2017

On Tuesday 7th November, we were lucky enough to be visited by or good friend Adam Bushnell. We looked closely at our new topic of Space and showed how we all could be amazing story writers just like Adam (He is an author if you didn’t know). He showed us some video clips to help create some amazing ideas for our own stories.

We recapped the secret agent video that we watched the last time he came to visit. This helped us come up with ideas that we would take on our adventure to our very own planet. We drew and labelled these items. Next we watched a video clip that helped us be creative in designing our very own planet. We thought and drew carefully the different amount of suns, types of trees, types of animals and other things that we might not find on Earth. This really helped us develop the setting.

Finally, we designed our very own life cycle of a creature that lived on our planet. Adam showed us in figures the life cycle of a frog. He then showed us some funny little creatures to give us our very own ideas.

We couldn’t believe how easy it was to create a story.

Finally, we went into the hall with the whole school where we told a story with Adam. It included two old men, a little boy and his mother and emperess and a very mean dragon. We love telling stories with the help of Adam.