Adam Bushnell C2 S

On Monday 6th February, we were lucky enough to be visited by Adam Bushnell, once again. Adam told us a story about a lion queen, a lion king, a giraffe, an old wiseman, a heroic tortoise and an elephant. They lived in Africa where all of the animals were hungry. The animals wanted to find the old man for help. The leaping giraffe eventually found the man when he told her that she must find the tall tree and say the magic word, “ERMMMMMMM!” But she forgot the magic word. So the lion king and queen asked the elephant – with an amazing memory – to go find the old man. She found the man who told her the magic word. But she forgot! The heroic tortoise took it upon himself to help the rest of the animals. He found the old man (avoiding the ant hill) and found out the password. He finally arrived at the tree and said the word. Suddenly, food flooded out of the tree. The animals screamed, “HOORAY!” They shared their foods with the old man. As a surprise, Adam brought a special visitor – Jet the tortoise. We were all so excited to meet him. We even got to pet him before we went out to break. To help us write our very own adventure story about pirates, Adam brought in some real pirate flags. They had scary pictures on to warn people they are coming and that they shouldn’t be messed with. We discussed the different pictures and what they meant. We were shown one with a strong arm, a skull and a blooded heart. Most flags were black and white but one of them had red on it. This represented the blood of their victims. We started by designing our very own flag. Adam designed a Valentine’s flag. Silly him, that was never going to scare anyone! We showed him how it was done. Luckily for us, Adam brought in some amazing artefacts including an eye patch, a tricorn hat, a treasure map, a timer and some weapons (musket, pistol and cutlas sword) We learnt that pirates wore eye patches to help them work better in the dark by helping their eyes adjust better. We designed our very own pirate making sure we labelled all of the clothing and equipment he/she was wearing.

Afterwards, we went on to look at some animals these pirates came across in the sea. We created our own by taking features of lots of different sea creatures and putting them together. This would become our monster who guarded the treasure.

From all of these elements, we were able to create our very own pirate adventure story. It was so simple but we loved every minute of it. At the end of the day, we went back into the hall where we shared everything we learnt about pirates. We told our very own pirate story. The rest of the school was so impressed.

We would like to say thank you to Adam for a wonderful day. We can’t wait to see him again.