Mothers Day Tea Party Class 1

Today we had our Mother’s Day tea party with all our Mams and Grandmas. Before the tea party started we had lots of things to prepare including making cards and cakes. We loved making the fairy cakes and even used Fairtrade chocolate in our crispy cakes!

We were all very excited when our family started to arrive and loved showing them all around our classroom. We got to have a cake and scone, with cream and jam and sat and enjoyed our food with our Mams and Grandmas.

Next, we decorated a plant point with flower stickers, then went outside to plant a seed. Some of us talked about how big we wanted it to grow, ‘I think it will be as high as the sky’, one child said. We gave the plants to our mams as a Mother’s Day present.

We loved having our Mother’s Day tea party and wished we could do it all again!