Fairtrade Class 1 2018

Today we discussed the meaning of Fairtrade. We were shown the Fairtrade trademark and discussed what we thought this meant. One child said ‘Does it mean we are kind?’ and another said ‘It is a leaf, I can see one!’ We learnt that it is the Fairtrade symbol and it was important to lots of people.

Then we talked about where we thought our food came from. We talked about it coming from the shops, our garden, a factory and a farm. We discussed the people that make our food, one child said ‘A farmer grows our vegetables.’ We then discussed where we thought all our food came from and found out that some of our food comes from different countries.

Next, we watched a clip from Pablo, the Super Banana! He told us all about the countries that grow our food. We learnt that some of the farmers in different countries don’t get paid very much for all the hard work they do, ‘That’s cruel’, one child said. We talked about all the nice things that we have because our families go to work and get a fair pay ‘My daddy works so we go on holiday’, said a child. We thought carefully about how those farmers might feel when they don’t have much money ‘They might not have a house,’ said a child. Then we talked about the ways in which we can help those farmers, by buying items that are Fairtrade, where farmers get a fair amount of money for the work they do.

Finally, we tasted some Fairtrade chocolate. It was so tasty and we all enjoyed it!

A child said, “Is it about not leaving people out.” Another said, “It means we have to be fair to others.”