Class 1 Hall Hill Farm

Reception went to Hall Hill Farm on Friday 25th May 2018.

The day started with a ride on a tractor around the farm. We got to look at lots of animals including: sheep, llamas, alpacas and cows. We all loved the tractor ride and enjoyed hearing about some of the animals “I love the sheep, they are fluffy,” said one child.

Next, we got the chance to look at the baby animals including chicks and lambs. We got to hold and cuddle chicks and bottle feed the lambs! This was definitely a highlight of the day and we all loved it “They are so cuddly,” said one child.

As we were walking around the farm we had the opportunity to feed lots of animals. We stopped to feed the sheep, goats, alpacas and the pigs! They were all so greedy! The goats lips tickled our hands and we all found this very funny.

Finally, we got to go to the play area which was our favorite part. We went down the slides and even had a go on the mini tractors in the racetrack.

We had such a fantastic day and loved it all!