Class 1 Adam Bushnell Spring 2018

Today Adam Bushnell came to visit the school. The day started with a whole school assembly, where Adam told us all a story! In the story the princess was rescued from the monster by the superheroes! Some of us even got to play a part in the story. Then, Adam came to our class. He asked us if we knew any animals that lived in the ice?

One child said, “Penguins live in the ice.” He pulled out some animals and we had to decide if they lived in the ice or not. We learnt that animals that live in the ice have thick fur to keep them warm and even got to feel some fur from a rabbit someone said, “It’s so fluffy and warm.” While another explained, “The rabbit might be sad without its fur.”

Next, we created a story of our own, using some of the ice animals to help us. Once we had decided which ice animal to draw someone said, “I’m drawing a big whale.” We had to think what might happen in our story. Adam showed us some dragons and someone commented, “This one looks pretty.” We came up with some great ideas that a dragon might come to try and eat our ice animal. For the ending of the story we had to think of a way to save the animal and trap the dragon. We used our imaginations and thought about ice caves and prisons!

We all had so much fun writing and telling our stories. Thank you Adam!