Class 2 Democracy Day 2016

In celebration of our ‘Pupil Parliament’ election day, our class discussed the importance of democracy in our P4C session. Looking closer at democracy we realised that it wasn’t the queen who ruled Britain. The leader is determined and voted by the people, for the people – just like our current Prime Minister Theresa May. We had an election of our own to vote for our Pupil Parliament representatives. The children in our class, who were interested, put themselves forward and explained why they thought they would be suited to the role. As we are a helpful classroom, many children put themselves forward with great reasons and ideas. Each member of our class got one vote to help narrow down the candidates. Three boys and three girls from both year 1 and 2 went into the hall and spoke to the rest of the school putting across why they should be elected. Each child in the school got one vote for a boy and a girl in each year. We would like to congratulate all newly, elected members of the ‘Pupil Parliament’ and we wish them the best of luck in their new role.