Class 1 – Adam Bushnell Summer Pirates

On Thursday 5th July 2018 Adam came to visit us to talk about pirates! The day started with a full class assembly where Adam asked lots of us to help him act out a story of an evil pig. We all laughed so much and found the story very exciting.

When Adam came to our class we learnt lots of new things about pirates. first we looked at all the different flags that a pirate might use, anything from the original skull and bones to love hearts and swords. Then we designed our own flags. We were all so creative thinking of new things to add to our pirate flags. One child said “I want to add stars to mine to make it spooky.”

Then, we looked at lots of different pirate objects including a hat, guns and axes! We even got the chance to hold them! It was so much fun.

Next, we had to draw ourselves as a pirate wearing a hat and holding all the different weapons. There were some fantastic pirate drawings and we all enjoyed becoming a pirate for the morning.

Finally, we thought carefully about our pirate stories. We had our flag, we had the pirate, we had the weapons, but we had no one to fight! So, we decided to create a sea monster! We used parts of lots of different animals and attached the best features to create our final design.

We had lots of fun creating our stories and becoming pirates for the day!

Thank you Adam!