Hamsterly Forest

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UN Convention on the Rights of the Child links:  Article 28 – You have the right to a good quality education. Article 31 – You have the right to play and relax.

Today, we went on an exciting adventure to Hamsterly Forest to take part in some fun outdoor activities. We started the morning with den building with our new friend Sarah from OASES. We worked in small teams to make our very own dens from scratch. We had to think carefully about the size of the sticks and how to make it waterproof. We learnt it was very important to work together and build our communication skills. After, Sarah came around with a water spray to see if they were waterproof. To make it even more fun, we all got in our dens and some of us got a little bit wet!

At lunch time, we had a picnic on the grass and got the chance to play on the park. We got the chance to play on all of the fun equipment.

Then, Sarah took us to take part in some survival skills games. We discussed what we all needed to survive and how we could survive in the forest. We learnt about different foods we can eat and plants which can be dangerous and we need to stay away from.

Finally, we got the chance to make our very own flag for our dens. We used the natural environment around us and dyed bits of white cloths using mallets or stones.

We all had a brilliant time!

Here are some quotes from the children:

“We need water, shelter, warmth and food to survive.”

“I loved making my own flag. It was so easy!”

“This has been so much fun.”

“Next time, I am going to make my den even bigger.”