Class 3 – Hindu Temple Visit

Christian Value link: Wisdom and Koinonia

British Value link: Tolerance

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child links:  Article 28 – You have the right to a good quality education.  Article 29 You have the right to education which tries to develop your personality and abilities as much as possible and encourages you to respect other people’s rights and values and to respect the environment.

Today, we were lucky enough to be invited to a very special place of worship, a Hindu Temple. We were greeted by a Hindu priest who wasn’t from India like some of us had thought. This reminded us that we don’t have to be from one certain place to be a certain religion.

She began by performing some traditional Hindu prayer songs which were amazing. She used a drum which looked a bit like a bongo drum. After that, she taught us some of they key beliefs of her religion though stories.

We then got to try on some of the amazing saris and turbans worn within the religion. It was a great day and we learned so much!