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UN Convention on the Rights of the Child links:  Article 28 – You have the right to a good quality education. Article 12 – You have the right to express your opinion freely.

Today we were very lucky to be joined by Cloud Singh. Today was a very special day because it was the 550th Birthday of the founder of Sikhism. First, we went into an assembly and met Cloud. He gave us a little insight into his religion and we asked him some questions. One child asked him, “Why do you wear a that on your head?” We found out that Cloud wears his turban so that others know that he is a Sikh and that he is always there to help others if they need it.

Later in the day, Cloud came to visit us in our classroom. We asked him lots of questions about his religion. One child asked, “Do people treat you differently because of how you dress?” Cloud told us he had never encountered anyone being unkind and believes we should all be treated the same regardless of how we look. One child asked, “Do you believe in more than one God?” Cloud replied, that there is only one God but God is everything.

Thank you for visiting us today, we learned a lot about the Sikh religion!