On Wednesday 14th March, we went to the Alun Armstrong centre as part of a Multi Skills festival. When we got to the centre, there was lots and lots of pitches for us to play different activities on. We played lots of different games with lots of lovely and friendly coaches. The first game we played was 10-point hoop where we had to throw the bean bag into the hoop. The difficult bit was trying to get it past the defender, but we managed to do it really well. The next few coaches helped us with our agility, throwing and catching and movement which really helped when we came back to playing the same game at the end to see if we had improved. When we played the game again, we all did really well and everyone was better than the first time thanks to the brilliant coaches on the day. We had a such a brilliant morning and we would love to go back again.

Here are some of the quotes that the children said throughout the morning:

I loved throwing and catching the ball with my partner

I used lots of endurance

I loved the agility session

I really enjoyed the 10-point hoop game it was so fun!

I scored lots of points today.

I am really tired now.