Adam Bushnell Summer Class 4

On Wednesday, Adam Bushnell came in to deliver a historical story day across the school. He began the day with a fantastic assembly where he briefly retold the story of the last 2000 years of British history. Starting with the Romans and going all the way through to World War two. The children used props and acted out the main part of the stories. After this Adam went to the different classes delivering stories that related to a certain key events in history.

After lunch Adam came into class 4 and told us stories about the most recent 100 years. Adam brought a mining lamp in which was used as a stimulus for our story. We used pictures, exciting conjunctions and writing to create our own mining disaster story board. We then shared our story board with our partners and some of us acted them out.

After this the day was brought to a close with a whole school assembly where the children shared what they had learnt today and acted out different parts. Because of this our understanding of chronology has improved.