National Smile Day


Today, Thursday 4th October 2018, is National Smile Day, for this we looked at the structure of a tooth and what we need to do to look after them. One child said, ‘We need to bush them twice a day to make sure we don’t end up with tooth decay.’ As a class, we created an experiment to test what liquid would be worst or best for our teeth. To do this we had to pick something had would represent our teeth. One child said, ‘Could we use an egg as it has a hard outside but a soft inside?’

For our experiment, we placed eggs and different liquids in a jar. We then waited a week and took them out to see which liquid had damaged the egg the most. The children shared their ideas with the rest of the class on which liquid they thought would cause the most damage. On child said, ‘I think the vinegar as it is very acidic.’ Another replied, ‘I think the original coke as it has the most sugar in it.’

After a week, we opened the jars, drained the liquid and looked at the egg on a tissue. The children identified that the liquid that caused the most damage was the fresh orange juice. After lots of discussion, the children came to the conclusion that it was because it had lots of sugar in and it was also an acidic drin