Class 3 Science Week

This week was Science week so we had our very own Science day on Thursday 7th June with the whole of KS2.

Balloon blow.

Firstly, we were given a range of ingredients and post it notes. We had to come up with a range of questions based on what we thought we were going to investigate. We really wanted to see which liquid when mixed with the bicarbonate would create the biggest gas. The biggest reaction would blow the balloon up the most as it would create more gas. We started by writing down our equipment, method and what out predictions would be. In our groups, we decided the amount of liquid and bi carbonate to use and made sure it was the same due to it needing to be a fair test. We then decided how we would collect the data so that we could create a results table and a graph. To start off with we had a few explosions with the balloon blowing off the bottle covering everyone in vinegar or lemon juice. The groups this happened to decided they would reduce the amount of liquid and liquid so that they could conduct the investigation and gather data. Our results were in, all groups found that the lemon juice had the biggest reaction with one child stating this was due to it having a higher PH level. This meant it was the most acidic. We were then able to write up our conclusions using our results.

Film canister rockets.

After the great investigation this morning, we knew that we had more science experiments. We again walked into the hall seeing lots ingredients and equipment. We wondered how our teachers managed to do that. This sparked lots of questions that we could investigate. This time though, there was enough film canister for us to conduct our own experiment. We did discuss in teams what we’re going to do and documented out predictions. We decided the amount or liquid, alka seltzer, and how we would gather the data in our groups. We prepared our first one and went outside to test out our film canister rockets. Some rockets were fantastic and took between 6-17 seconds to launch but some didn’t work. After much discussion, it was apparent that the ones that didn’t work was due to the gas escaping. We had loads of fun making this experiment and tried it over and over again until all the alka seltzer had gone.

“I can’t believe the balloon blew off”

“The water didn’t work”

“I think the lemon will work the best as it is more acidic”

“I think that they will all work”

“The vinegar has just exploded everywhere”

“You need to hold the balloon so the gas doesn’t escape”

“I think we are going to see which one blows the balloon up the most and quickest”