Steve’s Animal Ark C2

On Wednesday 1st February, we were visited by Steve from Animal Arc. He brought along some amazing spiders, insects and reptiles. We learnt that they are called cold blooded mini beast creatures.

First we held a Stick Insect that is from Asia. She was very thin and delicate. We learnt that insects have six legs and Arachnids have 8 legs.

Next we held another stick insect that was black and very fast. She could run fast to escape predators like birds. After that, we held a really big stick insect called Bud Wing Stick Insect. It is called that because it has tiny wings like buds on a tree. She had really good camouflage. If she was on a tree you wouldn’t be able to see her because she is brown just like tree bark.

Steve then showed us a different type of insect. It was a Katydid Grasshopper. She had amazing camouflage. She was shaped just like a leaf and she is usually found in Malaysia. After that, we looked at a Giant Armoured Cricket. They can bite and can squirt blood out of their eyes and limbs if scared.

Another type of insect that Steve showed us was the Giant Leaf Cockroach. He placed it on the floor and we saw it run really fast! The Millipede was next, it stayed curled up in Steve’s hand. Eventually, it uncurled and we got to see all of its legs, they moved like it was doing a Mexican wave!

Aiden guessed the next creature was going to be a Scorpion. It was a Flat rock Scorpion and called that because in lives in between rocks in South America. Aiden was excited to be chosen to show everyone a baby scorpion. The Scorpion reflects ultra violet light and looked blue when the light shone on it and brown when the torch was turned off.

Finally, Steve showed us a Milk snake from North America. It was red, black and yellow. In the animal kingdom these are considered warning colours.

We had a fantastic time and learn some cool facts from Steve. We said “Thankyou very much” to Steve, for coming to our School and showing us his amazing mini beast and reptile collection.