Safer Internet Day Class 2

We learnt how to stay safe online, what to do if we see or hear anything we do not like, and how to make sure we do not give away any personal information about ourselves.

First, we watched a video about sharing information online. The video had some funny characters in, and we learnt that we need to ask an adult before we post anything to social media or any other website. Afterwards, we discussed what ‘personal information’ means to us. We learnt that this includes our name, home address, passwords and email address and we should never give these out to anyone online.

After this discussion, we took an internet safety quiz. It asked us questions to assess how much we know about online safety. After this, we looked at two pictures and Miss Hindmarch asked us which one would be ok to share online. One picture was of a farm house with lots of green land next to it. The other was of a boy playing with his dog, outside of his front door. We rightly answered that we could share the farmhouse picture but not the picture of the boy, as it showed too much personal information.

Next, we had a sorting game. We were given pictures to sort into groups – ones that were fine to post online, and ones that were not. We all succeeded in this activity and now have a better understanding of what kind of picture is fine to share online.

Afterwards, Miss Hindmarch read us a story called ‘DigiDuck’s Big Decision.’ It told the story of DigiDuck, who wanted to share a funny picture of his friend online, but learned that this could hurt his friend’s feelings, so decided against it.

Our final activity – and the most fun – was the selfie emoji poster. We were shown pictures of smiling emoji’s and we had to draw our very own emoji that we could have our picture taken with. We discussed whether we wanted our photo taken or not, and what our parents and guardians would have to do for us to be allowed our picture taken and displayed at school. We made our emoji’s very colourful, and then smiled for the camera in front of the background of emoji’s. It was a very fun and informative afternoon.