The Life Centre – Destination Space

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Today we went on our school trip to the Life Centre. We got on the bus and made our way to Newcastle. On our way, we were looking very carefully to spot different landmarks and we all got very excited when we saw the Angel of the North!

When we arrived we went straight in to see a science show. We all had to vote to choose which experiments we would see. Hayley showed us some amazing experiments, although it’s really important we don’t try them at home. Thomas was very lucky and got the chance to go on stage to help with an experiment. Hayley used a ping-pong ball to act as a lid on a bottle full of water! We all thought Thomas was going to get wet but thankfully he didn’t. After the science show, it was time to get our ice-skates on! We had so much fun on the ice-rink and we all had a little skate on our own even though it was a little scary.

After lunch, we went to go to the Planetarium and have a look around the Space Exhibition. We got to learn all about the stars in the sky and we even held a piece of the moon! Then, we had time in the Young Explorers Zone and we played in lots of different areas getting dressed up, making Lego towers and exploring different lights. It was then time for our ‘Destination Space Workshop’. We learned all about the team of people that support astronauts in space and became scientists ourselves. We decided which material would be best for a spacesuit after testing its strength and flexibility.

We had an amazing day!

Here are some quotes from the children:

“I loved how she made the smoke rings. Then she changed the colours!”

“I’ve had the best time!”

“I want to be a scientist and test lots of things for space.”