Online Safety Week

Christian Value link: Wisdom and Creation

British Value link: Individual Liberty

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child links:  Article 16: You have the right to privacy. Article 19: You have the right to be protected from harm.

This week is Online Safety week.

In class, we have been discussing what technology we have at home and what we use it for. We watched a video about a girl who was playing on the internet and when she clicked on a link something made her upset. We spoke about what we would do in that situation and the children showed they were very knowledgable about seeking an adult for help. We also discussed what media we play on at home and talking about what problems could occur.

Finally, we spoke about what information we would share online and who we would share it with. The children discussed how important it is to make sure they don’t tell anyone their real name, where they live and where they go to school. Again, we discussed what they would do if someone started asking lots of personal questions.