Roald Dahl Day Class 2 2016

On Thursday 15th May, we celebrated Roald Dahl week by having a ‘BFG themed’ fancy dress day at school. Have a look at our photos to see our fantastic costume. A child even went grey for the occasion. There were lots of big ears on show when we paraded our outfits around in assembly.

In Maths, we improved our place value knowledge by changing dream potions into actual dreams using our dream machine. In Literacy, we planned our very own set of instructions for making a dream. All we needed was a glass jar, water, spoon and most importantly MAGIC dust.

In the afternoon, Mr Houghton took us outside and we played some ‘Giant Games’. We were split into ‘Giant Teams’ and we were given ‘Giant Balls’ and of course we were all pretending to be ‘Giants’. We worked fantastically well together and it was surprising how well some of us giants could listen and follow instructions as well as move unbelievably fast.

We had lots of fun and we can’t wait for our next dress up day.