Adam Bushnell C2 A2016

We were lucky enough today to be visited by Adam Bushnell. He came into assembly where we acted out one of his very own books. it had a queen, princess, an evil unicorn, dragon and some other characters in. It was so funny, we couldn’t stop laughing. This got us really excited for when he could come to our class.

To help us with our English non-fiction writing, Adam came in and taught us lots about lions. He knew so much. He had actually seen one in the wild. He showed us the flags of the countries in Africa where he had been and where he had seen lions. We discussed the meaning of the colours of the flags – red meant blood, green meant grass and yellow meant sun and money. Not all the lions looked like those from ‘The Lion King’, some were even white.

He even showed us a bone that had a hole in because the lion had bitten it. He must’ve had really sharp teeth. We talked about other characteristics of lions, we thought about how they might look, feel and move.

As a result of the pictures, videos and the conversations we had, we were able to write some superb sentences with adjectives, a noun, an adverb and even a preposition.

We are so excited to continue writing our very own report on lions during our English lesson.