Class 1 – Adam Bushnell

Today, Adam Bushnell came to visit to help us celebrate St. George’s Day.

We started the day with a whole school assembly where Adam showed us the flag of England, it’s white with a red cross! Then, he showed us lots of items that knights would have used such as armour and swords. Adam was even chosen from our class to try on a chain mail helmet, he had lots of fun, “It’s really heavy” he told the school.

Then Adam picked some children to help him retell the story of St. George. There was a dragon, a King, Queen and Princess, lots of warriors and of cause St. George. Oscar was chosen to be a warrior. We watched as the children retold the story of St. George and the dragon.

Next, Adam came to our classroom and let us all hold the armour and swords that he had showed us in assembly. We all loved the holding them. We got to try on a helmet and had a hold of a really big sword, “Wow this is really big, I might drop it” said a child.

Adam showed us how to draw our very own dragon, we all wanted to do our own so we got some pens and paper and drew our own dragons. We coloured them in and made them look fierce, “Mine has fireballs coming from its tummy” said one child.

After we had finished our dragons we went outside to ‘Knight school’ where we had to pass a series of tests to see if we were worthy of being knights. The first thing we had to do was to fight, so we showed Adam our battling skills on the playground. Then we had to prove we could dance, so we showed Adam our amazing dance moves. Finally, we had to show Adam that we could write, so we had to go back inside and write words on our dragon. One child said “I’m going to write that it roars loud!”

We all had so much fun and can’t wait to write about dragons this week in school!